Professional Sound Services for Filmmakers, Television Series Productions, Animation and Music Projects. Sound Supervision from Location Sound or Pre-Recording through Final Mixing and Print-Mastering. Experienced with both Internationally Released and Nationally Broadcast Projects. Experienced Professional Music Studio Services from a fast paced TV Musical Series Production to a Patiently Crafted Musical Piece of Art. A Collector of Rare Sounds & Fine Ambience. +1 902 423 4653

Archiving / Unarchiving / Transfers
Dialogue Editing
Equipment Services (Rentals & Repairs)
Location Sound
Music Mastering ( Christopher Mitchell, Galen Conroy)
Score from Concept to Creation/ Various Credited Composers & Producers
Sound Design, Collection & Effects Creation
Sound Editing
Picture Editing (Final Cut Studio 2)
Listening Room Calibration/Tuning
Vocals & Voice Overs
yhzSOUNDCOOP (Studio and equipment available to qualified operators)

Comfortable Mixing Theatre, Performance Space, & Isolation Booth. JBL LSR 5.1 Monitoring, ProTools HD, 6×8 Silver Screen, Large Format Analogue Console (SC3200), Extensive Classic Microphone Collection, 1979 Yamaha C5 Conservatory Grand Piano, Hammond C3.

Halifax hosts the International Atlantic Film Festival. Local cinema formats include THX (IMAX Cineplex) and Dolby DTS, 7.1, & Theatrical.

Conveniently located on Halifax Peninsula. Within walking distance of excellent accommodations, fine food & restaurants. 20 Minutes from Stanfield International Airport. 20 Minutes to the beaches. We are in beautiful Nova Scotia, nicely set in the Atlantic on the East coast of Canada


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