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Recent History

Taking on two back-to-back dramatic television series through 2014 and 2015 (Thom Fitzgerald’s Forgive Me and Sex & Violence – Season’s 1 &2) I had my hands full and found a friend and fine tuned audio post production skills in Rene Beaudry (Salter Street Films, Power Post) who helped me to meet many tight deadlines across four seasons of TV dramas that air weekly – a serious drama post audio team at your service. I also logged 12 weeks on set – location sound for Forgive Me Season 1, and Sex and Violence Season 2 where veteran Art MacKay, Corey Sewell & Stephen Outhit well covered the other two seasons.

As well during this time I managed to visited 3 Mi’kmaq resevations in the Maritimes, contributing location sound to an important Art & Health oriented Documentary by Filmmaker Amy Sark featuring celebrated artist Alan Syliboy.

Presently completing post audio for Sex & Violence Season 3 Episode 1 – two Post Audio students from DaVinci Arts & Technical College will join me for the remainder of the series for some experience in dramatic TV sound.

Halifax Motion Picture Sound extends itself to educational Film and Music projects on a charitable basis whenever possible – in 2016 mixing two feature films for the Atlantic Filmmakers Co-operative 1K Wave for Women Filmmakers. Our yhzSOUNDCOOP is a new program presently scheduled for 2016 through 2017, designed for low and no budget film projects – participation is key to keeping the yhzSOUNDCOOP doors open.

Partial Credits Include

Film/Television (Recording Engineer, Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer and/or Mixer)

Forgive Me (Seasons 1 & 2)…..Drama TV Series…..Emotion Pictures/Super Channel
Sex & Violence (Seasons 1,2 & 3)…..Drama TV Series…..Emotion Pictures/Out TV
Awaiting Atwood…..Comedy Short Film…..Beth Mairs Independent Film
Premier Ronde…..French Language Comedy…..Emotion Pictures/CBC
Cloudburst…..Feature Film…..Sidney Kimmel Entertainment/Emotion Pictures
Soul (Including Original Sound Track)..Musical TV Series..Halifax Film/Vision Television
The Gospel According to the Blues.Musical TV Feature.Emotion Pictures/Vision TV/CTV
The Gospel According to the Blues (OST)…..Starring Gospel Queen Jackie Richardson
Viking Way…..Comedy Short Film…..Thor Henrikson/CBC
Believe It…..Television Musical Drama…..Halifax Film/CBC
Various Commercials & Shorts….International Animation Projects…..Copernicus Studios
The Book Lady (Dolly Parton)…..Documentary…..Emotion Pictures
The Wild Dogs…..Feature Film…..Emotion Pictures/IMX Films
Dragonwheel…..Feature Film…..Emotion Pictures/IMX Films/Seats 3A-3C Film
3 Needles (Director’s Cut)…..Feature Film…..Emotion/Bigfoot Partners/WolfReleasing
Una Casa Con Vista Al Mar..Foreign Language Feature..IMX Films/JuanCarlosLopezDuran
Famous Monster: Forest J. Akerman…..TV Biography…..Space Channel/Roadhouse Films
Intruders…..Feature Documentary…..Space Channel/Roadhouse Films
Visions From The Edge…..Feature Documentary…..Space Channel/Roadhouse Films
Northern Lights…..Si-Fi Documentary Series…..Space Channel/Roadhouse Films
The Tall Ship Chronicles (Season 2)…..Doc Series…..Topsail Ent./History Channel
Oliver’s Adventures…..Children’s Animated TV Series…..Kaleidoscope/Teletoon
Dream Wrecks…..Underwater Documentary Series…..Discovery/Arcadia Entertainment
Racing The Wind…..Oceanic Sailing Feature Documentary…..CBC/Arcadia Entertainment
Beefcake (OST)…..Feature Documentary (OST)…..Emotion Pictures/Rage Releasing
Black Harbour (ADR Seasons 3 &4)…..Drama TV Series…..CBC TV
Street Cents…..Newsmagazine TV Series…..CBC TV

I am proud most of the projects listed herein are prestigious award-winners in one category or another, sound or otherwise. All Internationally Released and/or Nationally Broadcast media. I continue to combine ProTools HD and proven analogue technologies for classic smooth results.

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