CHRISTOPHER F. MITCHELL Sound & Music Professional

Chris & SC3200

Drama Is Life with the dull bits cut out – Alfred Hitchcock

Broadcast & Feature Film experience includes Sound Supervision, Sound Edit, Design & Final Mixing for theatrical release under Dolby license or THX formats.  Location Sound. Animation Project and Documentary Audio Post Production Services. Complete Music Score Production from small ensemble to full orchestra.

To date Christopher has participated in over 200 hours of motion picture projects both domestic and foreign, and over 70 albums for both Major and Independent Record labels in a variety of music styles; A diverse background providing a sum of knowledge to oversee almost any sound project. Please See Demo Reels & List of Credits. References are available by request. Listen to Christopher Mitchell’s Music Recording Engineering Demo Volume I 2016.

Additional skills in Film & Television Sound include: ADR, Dialogue Pre-Record and Editing for Animation projects, Location Sound Recordist and Boom Operator, Media Management, Sound Effects Creation, Field Recording (Project Specific Ambience and Sound Effects Collection), Basics of AVID and FCPro, Foley Artistry & Related, as well as Music Composition, Editing, and Production.

Extensive professional experience in Music Arranging, Composition, Editing, Programming, Production, Performance, and Recording related to Motion Picture projects and albums. Of note: Current professional pastime as bassist for Canadian touring solo artist, Myles Goodwyn [Canadian Music Hall of Fame and well credited hit singer-songwriter of April Wine fame (1969-Present)].

Suite 128A 6050 Almon Street, NS, Canada, B3K 1T8. 902-423-4653