Partial Inventory Includes:

JBL LSR32P 5.1 Mid-Field Monitoring

Yamaha NS10, Auratones (Classic Monitors that still count)

Soundcraft 3200 – 32 BUSS, 56 INPUTS (32 Great Pre-amps)

ProTools HD v9 – 2 Digidesign 192 I/Os (24 simultaneous record channels). WAVES Gold Bundle & C4 Multiband, MacPRO 12 Core/2.66 GHz X2, 6 Gig RAM.

DBX, Focusrite, Urei Dynamics (The Real Hardware!), DBX 929 (4 Channels), Focusrite ISA115HD Vintage Stereo Preamp/EQ (The Original), Eventide, Lexicon, Yamaha FX, plus AKGBX20 Spring Reverb (Not just the Plugin!).

Otari MTR-10 1/4” Analogue Mastering Deck. Great Musical Results with this recorder. Available for transfers/archiving to WAV files.

AKG414p48 (C12 capsule), AKG“TheTube”(The original remake of C12 in 1980 – 6072 tube), AKGD112, 6 Neumann U87, U47 FET, 2 km84i, km81 shotgun, 3 CAD-E300, 5 CAD-E100, 3 Classic Sennhieser 421, 2 Milab DC63, and many, many others, including vintage ribbons and dynamics, all Classic Sounding and in excellent working order.

Atlas Sound & B&K mic stands.

Variety of Studio Instruments Including

1979 Yamaha Conservatory Grand Piano – Sounds Lovely, Studio-Well-Kept and humidified, adorned perhaps more than a thousand recordings since it was built. It presently sounds warmer than ever. Last re-voicing – 2004.

Hammond C3 Organ with Hammond (All Tube) Tone Cabinet (2×15,2×12) or Leslie 760.

1979 6-Piece Ayotte Drum Kit (Always Awesome) Various Snares, Cymbals.

Ibanez Basses, Gauss 2X15” (Super Bass Cab!), Peavy 1810 (JBL 10s” Upgraded), Ampeg Half-Stack 4X10”, Fender Nylon String, Various Pedals, Percussion.

Have a special item in mind? Just Ask – I have a friendly network of resources.

I combine ProTools HD & proven analogue technoLOGIES for classic smooth results.

mixing theatre mixing seating & surrounds

Halifax Motion Picture Sound Studio, Unit 128A, 6050 Almon Street, NS, Canada, B3K 1T8, 902-423-GOLD, I Live Sound!

Piano Organ & Bass